How much do you cost?

I specialise in Music & Concert Photography therefore my services are bespoke to individual needs. However a typical cost would start from 55:00GBP per hour. A typical shoot would be 2 hours. For this time you may expect a proof of 100 images. Upon approval you may expect 20+ processed images via a Dropbox link. A CD or Flash drive can be provided for an extra cost.

Printed images and license agreements are purchased separately and will incur an additional cost.

Are you insured?

Yes. I have public liability insurance. Proof can be given upon request.

Do I Need a Model Release?

That depends on how you wish to use the images. Typically, for personal use then no you do not. However, if the photoshoot and images are for commercial use then yes you do. If you have any further questions about model releases please contact me.